Graphic Design Assistant to Creative Entrepreneurs + Mentor To Designers Working Online

I'm Kaitlyn! I started TheCrownFox back in 2015, the way most designers do - jumping into branding work at way too low of a price point and getting frustrated (and worried). A few years, a lot of trial and error, and too much coffee later - I've cracked the code to creating a business I love (and that pays the bills) doing design work with clients and businsses I truly admire. The resources here are for you to become a service-based boss and design your dream job and life.

Building Your Base eBook

Let's be real here: branding is a confusing word . It gets thrown around a lot and you're probably sure you need it at this...

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Lets Get Clients

Does this scenario feel familiar? You: worried about where your next client is coming from, torturing yourself looking at your competitors' websites, knowing you're just...

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