Lets Get Clients by Kaitlyn Kessler

Lets Get Clients

Getting Clients Doesn't Have To Suck...


Does this scenario feel familiar? You: worried about where your next client is coming from, torturing yourself looking at your competitors' websites, knowing you're just as talented as they are... how are they getting all these clients? At a higher price point than you? When do you get your "Big Break"?! Friend, I feeeeeel you. Hello 2016 for me. It wasn't even 'feast and famine' it was 'famine and pay off late bills' on repeat.

I knew I needed to make a change and I started 2017 with a GOAL. To figure out exactly what I LOVED doing and find a way to MAKE MONEY doing it. Consistently. Without worry and fear and doubt. I re-launched in early 2017 and in less than two months I was making consistent $5,000/months with no worry about where clients would be coming from.

I asked a group of people from my old Facebook group what they struggled with the most? Nearly every response was "getting clients." As a designer, I thought, well I don't teach people that stuff... I have to teach about using Illustrator or InDesign. But my audience kept asking and I finally had the epiphany moment - I could totally show them how I got all my clients. I knew the exact steps. I knew what worked and what didn't. I was doing it every single day in my business.

So... I created this: a 4-days series with actionable steps, a helpful workbook, and RESULTS. You can grab the series now (6 videos + a detailed, interactive workbook) for the super accessible price of $25. In the series we focus on setting a foundation, creating a signature service, getting more visible, and delivering delight (+ my secret weapon for bringing in warm leads over and over again).

Your options? Simple - keep chugging along, waiting for things to shift OR spend some time (like, literally, a weekend) on this course and start bringing in clients easily. I can't wait to hear about your successes!

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos File Icon 1 file


Introduction to Let's Get Clients
3 mins
Day 1 - Build Your Foundation
5 mins
Day 2 - Create Your Signature
6 mins
Day 3 - Get More Visible
8 mins
Day 4 - Deliver Delight
8 mins
2 mins
7.72 MB


What exactly does Let's Get Clients include?

You get a 15+ page workbook and 6 video lessons all about getting clients. Over 4 days we will cover foundational work, signature services, getting more visible, and delivering delight.

Will this 100% work?

I can't guarantee anything, but I can tell you that the steps we go over are exactly what I did earlier this year to go from 're-launching' to 'booked out' in under 2 months. For service based businesses, this will be an asset.

How long will this be available?

You have the content forever! And, if there are ever updates or new versions - you get that too! Woo!

Graphic Design Assistant to Creative Entrepreneurs + Mentor To Designers Working Online

I'm Kaitlyn! I started TheCrownFox back in 2015, the way most designers do - jumping into branding work at way too low of a price point and getting frustrated (and worried). A few years, a lot of trial and error, and too much coffee later - I've cracked the code to creating a business I love (and that pays the bills) doing design work with clients and businsses I truly admire. The resources here are for you to become a service-based boss and design your dream job and life.